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Raspberry Financiers

Those of you who may follow my blog postings will know that I love Financiers.  Today I made some, with raspberries too.  Financiers are a wonderfully moist almond cake and these, today, with the raspberry are simply delicious. In my previous versions of financiers I have always chilled the batter overnight before baking.  But since […]


Chocolate Financiers

Some while back I made some Chocolate Financiers, which were really lovely.  Then I made them again when I was in Canada.  My Great-nieces Grace and Claire, two really sweet girls, really loved them.  So, since I hadn’t done a video I thought I would make them again, so that I could show them how […]


Coconut and Raspberry Jam Financiers

I decided to get inventive with financiers today.  Taking a fairly basic recipe and experimenting with some raspberry jam and some sweetened, shredded, coconut.  This is my third time making financiers, and I decided not to use trimoline, but just icing sugar as the main sweetener.   Having made the batter and allowed it to […]