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Orange & Caramel Chocolate Chip Friands.

I recently bought a large bag of Callebaut Gold which are white chocolate chips which are made with caramelised milk added. This makes the chips taste of a lovely smooth caramel as well and the rich white chocolate.  So today I decided that I would make my favourite friands, which are orange flavoured, and drop […]

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Hazelnut & Raspberry Friands

Friands are a favourite of mine, since I discovered them last year sometime.  Usually made with ground almonds as the main base they are a delicious cake which is very popular in Australia and New Zealand in particular.  For the ones I made today I varied the recipe, using hazelnuts and almonds, to give a […]

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Orange Friands

Having made friands a couple of times recently, and enjoyed them very much I thought I would try a different flavour.  I decided upon orange, and guessed that the zest of three oranges would be enough to give a good flavour. Friands are very easy to make, and taste so good , being moist and […]

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Chocolate & Raspberry Friands

Having recently discovered friands and made some with lemons and blueberries, which were very well received, I decided to try a variation on the recipe to include chocolate.  Thus I came u p with Chocolate and Raspberry Friands. Heavy on almonds, these lovely cakes taste great, with the chocolate flavour and the hit of sharpness […]

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Lemon & Blueberry Friands

Friands are a lovely light cake, originally of French origin I believe, which is now very popular in Australia and New Zealand.  Usually they are made in a special pan, with oval cups that have straight sides, but they can equally well be made in a muffin pan. Similar to financiers which I often make, […]