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Dundee Cake For Christmas

This year instead of the traditional iced Christmas Cake I have decided to make Dundee Cake.  It is still a rich fruit cake, but instead of using marzipan and royal icing to cover it there is just a layer of blanched almonds laid in circles on the top. This is a traditional cake too and […]


Cherry Madeira Cake

I decided to make a cake with Morello glace cherries in.  I have done a similar cake before a few years back.  But for this one I decided upon a Madeira cake, though flavoured with some almond extract rather than the more traditional lemon.  Almond flavour goes so well with cherries that I was sure […]

Christmas, Desserts

Christmas Pudding

Christmas is less that 12 weeks away, so now is the time to start on things like Christmas Puddings and Christmas Cakes.  These can be made well in advance and the flavour develops and gets richer as they are left to mature.  I did a three part video for Christmas cakelast year so I wont […]


Cherry, Lemon & Coconut Muffins

I saw a lovely recipe on My Favourite Pastime for a muffin with glace cherries, lemon and coconut.  They looked great and I love all those ingredients, so I decided I should make them and see how they turn out. Muffins are so easy to make, just mix the dry ingredients in one bowl, the wet […]


Chocolate & Cherry Kladdkaka

I recently made Kladdkaka, a Swedish sticky chocolate cake, that was a big hit by all who ate it.  Several others have made it too and found it very simple and so tasty.  Today I decided to make it again, but this time with the addition of some glace cherries to add a different taste […]


Christmas Stollen Cake

I wanted to try Stollen, since I have never eaten it.  So I had a look around and found a Delia Smith recipe for Waitrose which seemed quite easy.  It was different to other recipes, in that it didn’t seem to need any kneading of the dough.  I also watched the video and everything seemed […]

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Empire Biscuits

I had a yearning for a Royal Scot biscuit, but sadly McVities have stopped making them, which is such a shame.  But that led me to think about Empire Biscuits, since a quick way of making them was to use Royal Scots.  So I set about making my own Empire Biscuits.  They are a nice […]