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Peach Financiers

Financiers are French Petit Fours which I have made a few times, with different flavours.  Today I thought I would try my basic one once again, but with a little cube of peach inserted on the top part way through baking.  That will add a little something different when eating them.  My basic recipe is […]

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Sticky Citrus Sponge Cake

I found this lovely recipe of BBC Good Food .  Certainly reading the recipe and looking at the photo I was impressed.  The idea of a sponge cake, flavoured with orange zest and chopped pieces, topped with more orange, this time slices, and coated in golden syrup sound simply wonderful. With the syrup and the ground […]


Lovely Lime Slices

After the success of my Lemon Slices a couple of days ago, which were very well received by the tasters, I decided to try limes with basically the same recipe.  A little addition was to try to candy some lime slices to put some small pieces on the top of each slice of cake. As […]


Chocolate Financiers

For World Baking Day, which is today, I have decided to bake some Chocolate Financiers.  For this I took the recipe that I used a few weeks back, for Financiers, and adjusted it to include chocolate. So, basically, I adjusted the amount of almonds and replaced some with cocoa powder.  I started the recipe yesterday, […]

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Ginger and Honey Crisp Biscuits

I found a recipe, on Waitrose website, for Ginger and Honey Biscuits, with Chocolate & Honey Dip. Now I only wanted the biscuits, not the dip.  However, I have reproduced the full recipe below, for those who may wish to have the dip to savour with the biscuits.  I followed the recipe precisely and found […]

Pastries, Pies, Tarts


Yesterday I decided to make Pithiviers,  This involves a two day process as the dough needs to rest in the fridge overnight, before rolling and turning. I used the recipe from Le Cordon Bleu cook book again, though I actually also checked another recipe for making the puff pastry, which had some very good pictures […]