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Biscuits, Cookies

Salted Caramel Flapjack Sensations

These sensational flapjacks really do taste great.  Be careful not to eat too many. I recently received a promotional email from Costco which included something called Salted Caramel Sensations which looked very good indeed.  But rather than buy them I thought I could make something similar using two of my existing recipes, one for a […]


Banana & Coconut Muffins

Banana and coconut, a match made in heaven.  These muffins attest to that. I do like a good muffin and the combination of banana and coconut was just crying out to satisfy my craving. As with all muffins these coconut and banana ones are very simple to make, taking little time and rewarding the baker […]


Apricot & Hazelnut Blondies

Blondies are a lovely alternative to brownies and the variety of ingredients that can be added is almost endless.  Today I decided to make some blondies, using soft dried apricots and hazeluts. I also decided to use browned butter, which means a little extra effort but does give a nice nutty flavour to the butter […]

Pies, Tarts

Chocolate Fudge Tart

I recently saw a recipe of a Chocolate Fudge Tart which looked very good.  So I decided that I would make one, but with a couple of variants to that recipe, to suit my particular taste.   The recipe is simple and consists of a biscuit base, flavoured with cocoa powder.  Then a rich, silky smooth […]


Rum Balls

As we approach the holiday season I wanted to make some easy but tasty treats.  One of my ideas was rum balls and I checked on the internet and saw that Joyofbaking had a very simple recipe that looked good.  So I decided to make mine using that recipe as the basis.   There is no […]

Cakes, Muffins

Hazelnut & Raspberry Friands

Friands are a favourite of mine, since I discovered them last year sometime.  Usually made with ground almonds as the main base they are a delicious cake which is very popular in Australia and New Zealand in particular.  For the ones I made today I varied the recipe, using hazelnuts and almonds, to give a […]

Biscuits, Cookies

Biscotti – Hazelnut & Date

I do like biscotti and am always up for trying something new, in terms of flavour combinations.  So hazelnut and date seemed like it was worth trying.  I saw it on Paul Hollywood’s site.  Biscotti are quite easy to make and don’t take long. But they are very rewarding, since they not only taste great […]