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Tangzhong Hot Cross Buns

This recipe for Tangzhong Hot Cross Buns is very good indeed. Tangzhong is a Chinese method for improving dough. It has the affect of softening the baked items and it delays the staling of the items too. The method is similar to the Japanese Yudane method, but you cook the Tangzhong to a certain temperature. […]

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Hot Cross Scones – For Easter

A great alternative, at Easter these Hot Cross Scones have that tradional Easter flavour but with the wonderful scone texture, associated with so many afternoon teas.  Having made the traditional Hot Cross Buns for both my blog and my Youtube channel in previous years I decided to try something a little different for this year. […]

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Hot Cross Bun Loaf – For Easter

Hot Cross Buns are a traditional Easter bun, eaten on Good Friday in the UK.  In fact they can be eaten at any time, but Good Friday is the tradition.   These days the shop bought versions are available for months in advance of Easter.  They also come in many different combinations of flavours.   Personally I […]

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Hot Cross Buns

Easter, and specifically Good Friday is the traditional day for eating Hot Cross Buns.  In fact it wouldn’t be Easter in the UK if there were no Hot Cross Buns. They are a deliciously fruity and spicy bun, with a cross on the top.  I have made them before, but today I used a recipe […]

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Traditional Hot Cross Buns

As promised a few days ago, I have now made some more traditional Hot Cross Buns.  These lovely Easter Treats, eaten by my family on Good Friday morning, are simply fantastic.  With some gentle spices and dried fruit, what can be nicer for ‘elevenses’.   I used a recipe from the delightful Delia, surely a […]


Hot Cross Buns (Version 1)

So as Easter approaches it is time to try some Hot Cross Buns. They are such a lovely treat to eat on Good Friday morning.  Investigating the various recipes that I found it seems that everyone has a slightly different interpretation of what the ingredients should, or might, be.   I have chosen two different […]