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Nantes Cakes – Cookies

I recently acquired a very good book about the food that Claude Monet, the artist, used to like to eat. It included a lot of recipes of that food and also included lots of information and also photos of some of his paintings.  Coincidentally shortly after I bought the book one of my subscribers on […]


Lemon Cake in a Savarin Ring Mould

I decided to make a nice, light, lemon cake.  For this cake I wanted to try my savarin mould which I have had for years but never used.  The cake could equally well be made in an 8 or 9 inch(20 to 23 cm) square tin, or probably in a 10 inch springform round tin. […]

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Torta Paradiso – Paradise Cake

I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos recently and came across Torta Paradiso which is an Italian cake.  With my in depth knowledge of Italian, (not really) I was able to translate the name to Paradise Cake.  This cake is flavoured with the zest of orange and lemon and will some vanilla bean […]


Lemon Butter Cake

This is light, fluffy and very buttery cake, flavoured with lemon zest. It is similar, in some ways to Castella cake which is very popular in Japan, but not quite the same.  The idea is to mix butter and sugar for quite a while until it is all very light and fluffy, with lots on […]

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Lemon Squares – Lemon Bars

I felt like a big lemon hit today so I set about making some Lemon Squares, or Lemon Bars as they are known it some places.  These have a delicious shortbread base and a wonderful lemon topping. The recipe is quite simple and just requires a little patience, as some waiting is involved.  The first […]


Lemon Drizzle Friands

Those of you who regularly read my blog will know that I like almonds and just love friands.  So it is no surprise that I am making more friands, the delicious almond based cakes that are so popular in Australia and New Zealand.  I think they are becoming more popular in the UK too and […]

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Eccles Cakes

Eccles Cakes are named after a town in Lancashire, England.  They are made with a flaky pastry, though some people use puff pastry, and have a spicy currant and chopped peel filling.  I really like Eccles Cakes, and especially the lovely flaky pastry.  I make mine with all butter, using a recipe from BBC Good […]

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Lemon Icebox Cookies

I love the idea of refrigerator, or icebox, cookies.  Making dough and then just baking as many cookies as you need at the time and storing the dough in the fridge or freezer to bake later, as you need them. For mine I decided upon a lemon flavour, and tried something a little different when […]


Lemon & Cream Cheese Swiss Roll

I had long wanted to try to make a Swiss Roll and decided to do so using lemon as a flavouring with cream cheese. I used a recipe that I found on BBC Food but I adjusted the amounts of ingredients as i used a larger baking tin.  I also changed the filling. The sponge for […]