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Orange Friands

Having made friands a couple of times recently, and enjoyed them very much I thought I would try a different flavour.  I decided upon orange, and guessed that the zest of three oranges would be enough to give a good flavour. Friands are very easy to make, and taste so good , being moist and […]

Pies, Tarts

Orange Pecan Pie(or Tart)

I found a great recipe on Allrecipes for Orange Pecan Pie.  I am always unsure whether a pie should have a top crust as well, so I opted to call mine pie(or tart).  I also made a change to the recipe on that site, since a reviewer seemed to imply the filling didn’t set.  I also […]


Sultana & Orange Muffins

Apologies for not posting for the past couple of weeks, but was away on holiday. I am back from Canada, where I had a great time visiting with family.  Now I am getting back onto the baking treadmill.  Starting slowly at first, I decided on some muffins.  Sultanas and Orange is the flavour I decided […]


Chocolate Fruit Cake

This recipe, for a Chocolate Fruit Cake, is from Nigella’s website.  According to Nigella’s description it is squidgy, which please me, since I was rather worried that my attempt at it was not going to turn out quite right. The most complicated thing about the recipe is following the instructions to double line the cake […]