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Peach Posset Tartlets

I had some peach puree in the freezer so I decided to make some posset with it.  That is a rich, silky smooth dessert made with cream and sugar.  I then decided that instead of serving in glasses, with little biscuits, I would make tartlet cases and put the posset in those for serving. The […]

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Peach Purée Cupcakes

Who doesn’t enjoy a cupcake from time to time?  Certainly I do!.  So today I decided to make some.  I had bought some White Peach purée, which was supposedly to be used for making cocktails but which I thought would be ideal for baking too.   So I looked around for a recipe that might […]


Peach Financiers

Financiers are French Petit Fours which I have made a few times, with different flavours.  Today I thought I would try my basic one once again, but with a little cube of peach inserted on the top part way through baking.  That will add a little something different when eating them.  My basic recipe is […]