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Individual Bakewell Tarts

Whilst on holiday in Canada I took the opportunity to do some baking with my great-nieces.  Today the bake is for individual Bakewell Tarts.  We all love Bakewell Tarts and these individual ones, which could be made in a muffin tin, are ideal as desserts with some cream or custard. In the UK often these […]


Coconut & Jam Sponge Cake

Coconut and Jam Sponge is an easy cake to make, and tastes so good.  This particular one can be cut into squares and enjoyed just like that, or it can be cut into larger pieces and served with custard as a dessert. Any jam would be good to use, strawberry, apricot, blueberry, blackberry etc.  But […]


Bourbon Biscuit Dessert

Bourbon biscuits are a favourite in the UK.  They are two chocolate biscuits sandwiched together with a chocolate cream filling.  I found a recipe for a dessert(he called it pudding) in Gary Rhodes’ Step by Step Cooking.  It was for two large bourbon biscuits, sandwiched by two layers of chocolate brownie and a layer of […]


Individual Steamed Sponges – 3 Flavours

Having made a large, stove-top steamed treacle sponge the other day I thought I would try some individual one, steamed in the oven, with some different flavours too. I found a recipe on Good Housekeeping which I doubled for my purposes.  It actually made slightly more batter than my 8 dariole moulds could take, so I […]

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Linzer Torte – Austrian Jam Tart Cake

I  came across Linzer Torte when viewing some videos on youtube.  It seems, having done some research, that it is the oldest recorded cake, dating back to about 1653.  Basically it is a pastry dough covered with jam and topped with a lattice of more dough.  The dough is made from ground nuts, often hazelnut […]