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Rum Balls

As we approach the holiday season I wanted to make some easy but tasty treats.  One of my ideas was rum balls and I checked on the internet and saw that Joyofbaking had a very simple recipe that looked good.  So I decided to make mine using that recipe as the basis.   There is no […]


Rum-soaked Sultana Muffins

I had some sultanas that I wanted to use up.  They are those nice, juicy dried fruits, known in the USA as golden raisins I think.  I love to make them nice and plump before use, so soak them in something to do that. So I cam up with the idea of rum-soaked sultana muffins. […]


Decadent Chocolate Cake

A nice rich chocolate cake is sometimes a treat that is well worth the effort.  For mine I made two reasonably thin chocolate cakes and layered them with some cherry jam and a lovely, rich, chocolate cream.  Then I finished it all off with a silky chocolate ganache. So this is definitely a cake for […]


Basque Cake/Gâteau Basque

Pottering around on the internet, as one is wont to do, I saw a recipe for something called Basque Cake or Gâteau Basque , of which I hadn’t heard before.  So I set about improving my, clearly lacking, knowledge.  In that endeavour I found the recipe which I have used, at Bruno’s Kitchen, where Bruno Albouze made one […]

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Fig Newtons

I remember from years back a nice biscuit(cookie) which we called Fig Rolls.  It seems that they are now known as Fig Newtons.  I have found a number of recipes for these, all of them different in some ways.  Some are very basic, just with figs and sugar in the pastry, where others are more […]

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Yesterday I decided to make Pithiviers,  This involves a two day process as the dough needs to rest in the fridge overnight, before rolling and turning. I used the recipe from Le Cordon Bleu cook book again, though I actually also checked another recipe for making the puff pastry, which had some very good pictures […]