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Biscuits, Cookies

Sicilian Sesame Biscuits/Cookies

Reginelle di Palermo are a Sicilian biscuit, coated with sesame seeds.  I have seen this in various websites and they looked very good.  They appear to come in different sizes, I suppose dependent how you want to make them.   Often they are flavoured with anise or saffron. Sometimes some jam is mixed into the dough […]


Bread Cones

Somebody suggested that I might like to make some bread cones.  I hadn’t really thought about it until then, but set about looking to see some.  I watched a few videos and decided that they would be quite simple to make and a novel way to eat lunch. As ever, with bread, the recipe takes […]


Rosette/Kaiser Bread Rolls

Today I decided to make some bread rolls.  I have bought a few items from an Italian company, including a cutter with a rosette pattern, similar to a Kaiser Roll cutter.  So, having eaten Kaiser rolls for years when I was in Prague I decided to make those, albeit with my rosette cutter.  I also […]


Most Lemony Lemon Muffins

I found a lovely recipe for a very lemony muffin, with toasted sesame seeds, on The Kitchn webiste.  I really wanted to try them as soon as possible, so I got right to work. As with most muffins they are quite simple to make and the effort is rewarded by a really scrumptious muffin.  With […]