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Apple Pie

Most people enjoy a nice apple pie.  I certainly do so I decided, as I hadn’t had one for a while, that I would make one.  Often in apple pies spices are added, and even raisins but for mine I wanted a purely apple flavour so decided to omit any spices. Of course it would […]

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Coconut Tarts

I do love coconut and have made quite a few recipes that include it, but today’s recipe makes coconut the star.   These individual coconut tarts are made in small, fluted, moulds.  But they could equally well be made in a bun tin.  In that case the pastry would have a wider base, but be shallower […]


Individual Bakewell Tarts

Whilst on holiday in Canada I took the opportunity to do some baking with my great-nieces.  Today the bake is for individual Bakewell Tarts.  We all love Bakewell Tarts and these individual ones, which could be made in a muffin tin, are ideal as desserts with some cream or custard. In the UK often these […]

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Cornflake Tart

I recently had a request, on my Youtube channel,  for a cornflake tart recipe.  The lady who requested it wants to make in for her husband who has fond memories his school dinners where it was served.  Having read up a little bit about cornflake tart it seems that is was fairly common on the […]

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Quick and Easy Mince Pies

Mince Pies are a tradition at Christmas and I usually make them with my own pastry and homemade mincemeat.  But I decided that, for those who want to make them, but without the hassle of doing everything from scratch, I would make some using just two indgredients, shop bought shortcrust pastry and shop bought mincement. […]

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Peach Posset Tartlets

I had some peach puree in the freezer so I decided to make some posset with it.  That is a rich, silky smooth dessert made with cream and sugar.  I then decided that instead of serving in glasses, with little biscuits, I would make tartlet cases and put the posset in those for serving. The […]