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Passion Fruit Curd & Peach Tart

Having made more Passion Fruit curd I decided to make a tart using it.  For that I needed shortcrust pastry and some fruit.  I decided on an easy recipe and used tinned peaches. Shortcrust pastry is delicious and this recipe uses a combination of butter and lard, to make it even shorter, with just a […]

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Cheese and Onion Pasties

Today I decided to make some savoury pasties.  I have a new tool that I thought would work very well for shaping the pasties.  I chose cheese and onion, with potato, as the filling. So what I needed was a nice shortcrust pastry, though puff pastry would have been fine too.  It is just that […]

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Christmas Mince Pies

As Christmas approaches our minds turn to what treats we are going to enjoy.  High up on the list, in the UK at least, is always mince pies.  I read, only yesterday, that supermarkets sell 370 million of them each year, with the average person eating 27.  I find that average number rather high, but […]

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Individual Minced Steak Pies

I found a recipe of a lovely minced beef or steak pie that I wanted to try.  The recipe was by Paul Hollywood on the BBC Food site.  His version was called a football pie, with the top having a football pattern.  I just wanted to make the pies.  I also didn’t have the 4 […]

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Individual Beef And Mushroom Pies

I decided I wanted to make something savoury, but with baking involved.  So for this I chose to make some individual beef and mushroom pies.  For this sort of pie you can use whatever ingredients you wish but I opted for beef, mushrooms, carrots and onions, with a nice rich gravy. Some people like a […]

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Peach & Raspberry Frangipane Tart

I decided upon a frangipane tart today.  Those of you who know Bakewell Tarts will recognise that this recipe is basically that, with some fruit on top.  Since I love Bakewell Tart I knew for sure that I would enjoy this.  The recipe is from The Radio Times, courtesy of the Great British Bake Off […]