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Lemon & Cream Cheese Swiss Roll

I had long wanted to try to make a Swiss Roll and decided to do so using lemon as a flavouring with cream cheese. I used a recipe that I found on BBC Food but I adjusted the amounts of ingredients as i used a larger baking tin.  I also changed the filling. The sponge for […]

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Sticky Citrus Sponge Cake

I found this lovely recipe of BBC Good Food .  Certainly reading the recipe and looking at the photo I was impressed.  The idea of a sponge cake, flavoured with orange zest and chopped pieces, topped with more orange, this time slices, and coated in golden syrup sound simply wonderful. With the syrup and the ground […]


Lovely Lime Slices

After the success of my Lemon Slices a couple of days ago, which were very well received by the tasters, I decided to try limes with basically the same recipe.  A little addition was to try to candy some lime slices to put some small pieces on the top of each slice of cake. As […]


Lemon Sponge Slices

I have a lovely, light, recipe today.  A lemon sponge which is covered with a lemon icing.  Not too much lemon though, as I rather like just enough of the lemon flavour in both to let you know it is there, but not enough to really swamp the taste buds. For this recipe I was […]


Almond Sponge and Chocolate Pyramid

In a book I bought I found a recipe for this type of cake.  However, the recipe, as with several others in the book, was not complete,and it didn’t properly explain the construction of the cake, not to mention the fact that the phots revealed only half the number of layers that the recipe indicated. […]