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Gingerbread Cake with Orange Frosting

I recently had a couple of requests for ginger cake.  I have made one before, on this blog but that was before I was also doing videos. So I decided I would make it again, but with a little variation. I should say that most of the recipes I have seen use only about half […]


Dark Chocolate & Stem Ginger Muffins –

I was exploring the possibilities of making some dark chocolate muffins with ginger, since the two go so well together, when I came across a very nice recipe on Zeb Bakes website.  Since I had two jars of stem ginger in the cupboard I thought I might as well try that recipe. Making muffins is […]

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Ginger and Honey Crisp Biscuits

I found a recipe, on Waitrose website, for Ginger and Honey Biscuits, with Chocolate & Honey Dip. Now I only wanted the biscuits, not the dip.  However, I have reproduced the full recipe below, for those who may wish to have the dip to savour with the biscuits.  I followed the recipe precisely and found […]