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Hot Cross Bun Loaf – For Easter

Hot Cross Buns are a traditional Easter bun, eaten on Good Friday in the UK.  In fact they can be eaten at any time, but Good Friday is the tradition.   These days the shop bought versions are available for months in advance of Easter.  They also come in many different combinations of flavours.   Personally I […]


Farmhouse Sultana Cake

Farmhouse Sultana Cake, from a recipe on a couple of different sites, seems to be fairly simple to make.  It certainly gives off a lovely aroma as it cooks, the mixed spices filling the room and really whetting the apetite.  I took the recipe from Cook It Simply . It is a nice, easy to follow […]


Sultana and Lemon Syrup Fairy Cakes

Now this is a very nice recipe, for some very tasty, light and easy to eat fairy cakes.  I found the recipe on Good To Know Recipes. I must issue a warning here, the recipe on the site, which I reproduce below, states ‘makes 12’.  However, and luckily for me, I read the comments below the […]