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Rum-soaked Sultana Muffins

I had some sultanas that I wanted to use up.  They are those nice, juicy dried fruits, known in the USA as golden raisins I think.  I love to make them nice and plump before use, so soak them in something to do that. So I cam up with the idea of rum-soaked sultana muffins. […]


Cranberry & Pineapple Tea Loaf

I decided to try out a new tea loaf recipe today.  I so enjoyed the Bara Brith – Welsh Tea Loaf that I made last week that I wanted to do it again.  But this time I wanted a variant, that didn’t include candied peel, since some people don’t like that.  Mixed dried fruit, in […]

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Well Christmas is almost with us, so what better time to make Panettone, a traditional Italian cake, eaten at this time of year.  I have seen so many recipes for panettone, using many different ingredients, for flavours, almost all kinds of dried fruits, chocolate, almonds etc.  But for mine I wanted to make it with […]


Christmas Stollen Cake

I wanted to try Stollen, since I have never eaten it.  So I had a look around and found a Delia Smith recipe for Waitrose which seemed quite easy.  It was different to other recipes, in that it didn’t seem to need any kneading of the dough.  I also watched the video and everything seemed […]


Sultana & Orange Muffins

Apologies for not posting for the past couple of weeks, but was away on holiday. I am back from Canada, where I had a great time visiting with family.  Now I am getting back onto the baking treadmill.  Starting slowly at first, I decided on some muffins.  Sultanas and Orange is the flavour I decided […]


Hot Cross Buns (Version 1)

So as Easter approaches it is time to try some Hot Cross Buns. They are such a lovely treat to eat on Good Friday morning.  Investigating the various recipes that I found it seems that everyone has a slightly different interpretation of what the ingredients should, or might, be.   I have chosen two different […]

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Dundee Cake

Dundee Cake is a lovely, fruit-filled cake, topped with blanched almonds.  Often eaten around Christmas time instead of a darker, more dense Christmas Cake.  I love both types of cake, but Dundee cake is perhaps my preferred one, and it can be eaten at any time of the year.  It also keeps well in an […]