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Hazelnut & Raspberry Friands

Friands are a favourite of mine, since I discovered them last year sometime.  Usually made with ground almonds as the main base they are a delicious cake which is very popular in Australia and New Zealand in particular.  For the ones I made today I varied the recipe, using hazelnuts and almonds, to give a […]

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Lazy Daisy Cake

Trawling through the internet a couple of weeks ago I came across something called Lazy Daisy Cake.  It looked rather interesting and from what I have been able to glean dates from the 1930s or 1940s. It is popular in Canada and some parts of the USA.  I had never heard of it, but I […]


Strawberry & Cream Muffins

I have found a wonderful recipe for my first bake in a new flat.  This recipe is Strawberry & Cream Muffins, which saw on BBC Good Food. I was immediately taken with the concept and it doesn’t use any oil or butter, simply double cream and eggs, with a hint of vanilla as the liquids. […]

Cakes, Muffins

Mandarin Friands

Having enjoyed Friands when I have made them previously I thought I would attempt a variation today and see how they turned out.  For the variation I thought of Mandarin oranges, or Satsumas as they may be known in some places.  I love mandarins, the sweet, and sometimes slightly tart, very juicy citrus fruit.  They […]


Boston Cream Cupcakes

Having enjoyed Boston Cream Doughnuts when I have been in Canada and the USA I wanted to make something with that taste.  Not wanting to do doughnuts I thought firstly of Boston Cream Pie, but then decided on some nice simple cupcakes instead. I haven’t actually had much time over the past few weeks, for […]


Chocolate Mint Brownies

Today I made some wonderful brownies, with a mint filling and topped with more chocolate.  These are a very rich and moist brownie with the lovely hit of mint. The recipe does take a time to make, as you must wait between each step for the brownie to cool, the fillling and then the topping […]


Madeleines – With Grace and Claire

For my final bake in Canada I was with Grace and Claire again, this time making some Madeleines. These lovely french delicacies are simply wonderful.  The light textured sponge, with a hint of lemon is just perfect.   We made two sizes, mini ones, that are really just one bite and the more usual full-sized […]

Cakes, Muffins

Lemon & Blueberry Friands

Friands are a lovely light cake, originally of French origin I believe, which is now very popular in Australia and New Zealand.  Usually they are made in a special pan, with oval cups that have straight sides, but they can equally well be made in a muffin pan. Similar to financiers which I often make, […]