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Tres Leches Cake

This cake, Tres Leches, is one that I had never heard of before.  From Mexico it is a sponge cake, infused with three milks, condensed, evaporated and full milk.  It sounded interesting, but I wondered whether it might be too sweet for the English palate.  But hey! You will never know until you try it, […]


Whoopie Pies

Whoopie Pies are something that I had not heard about.  But I came across them as I was looking around for something to bake. It seems, if what I read is true, that these are becoming increasingly popular.  The version I decided to make is heavy on the chocolate.  I wasn’t sure about the filling […]


Vanilla Fudge

I found that a large tub of double cream that I had bought was about to go out of date.  Or at least reach its ‘best by’ date.  So, in an effort not to waste the cream I decided to find something that I could ‘knock up’ fairly simply.  What I chose was vanilla fudge, […]

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Custard Kisses

Now doesn’t that seem a silly name for a recipe?  I found the recipe on BBC Good Food and, when I read it, thought that they sounded quite interesting. The bake is a sort of shortbread, very light and crumbly, and the filling is a butter cream type with some custard powder to add some flavour. […]