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Easy No Knead Bread

So simple to make and very rewarding to eat.  There are so many recipes on the internet for no knead bread, and many of them are very easy indeed.  The recipe I am using today is the simplest I have yet tried, and it results in a very tasty loaf of bread. It takes a […]


Basic Italian Bread

Today I wanted to try a very simple recipe for Italian style bread.  Although it takes some time to make it is a very nice bread, so it is certainly worth the effort. There are not many ingredients required and the dough can be made by hand but it is much easier in a stand […]


White Pullman Loaf

I only recently came across pullman loaf tins and really like the idea of these for making bread for sandwiches.  The tins tend to be about 4 inches by 4 inches, so smaller than the sandwich loaves in the shops but still very good. While I was in Canada on holiday I made a cinnamon […]